July 25, 2024


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Secrets to Hosting Custom Tattoo Design Contests

While hosting a custom tattoo design contest, it is best to get a variety of popular themes for tattoos so that the artists have a wider range of options in which they can express themselves. Basically artists design tattoos to display their innermost expressions and tattoos bring this out beautifully in a visual form. There are a wide range of popular tattoo designs which are taken from various parts of the globe like tribal art, religious and cosmic forms, the animal world, make-believe characters and many more.

Some of the most popular designs for tattoos are the tribal ones which have become popular because of their mysticism. There is a fear of the occult yet people are drawn to it and seek it out for tattoo designs which make them stand out among the fashion conscious as well as among those who want to try out something unique. Including these designs in the custom tattoo contests enhances the flavor of the contest and gives it a more interesting twist. Unlike the ethereal lines of angelic tattoos, the tribal designs are more aggressive and have darker lines which seem to be more sinister, but are still very mesmerizing.

Another form which draws a lot of interest in tattoo design contests is the heavenly bodies like the stars. In earlier days, these were popular among the seafaring crowd but today, the designs are small and can be done on the navel, ankles and shoulders. Along with the stars, a lot of religious symbols are also popular and they are meant for those who have a spiritual bent of mind. A lot of tattoo enthusiasts look forward to having a custom tattoo design that follows this theme. A Cross, the Om symbol, the Swastika and other such religious symbols can be made either in small or large sizes or to fit in with other tattoo designs.

Most custom tattoo design contest holders aim to get in touch with talented tattoo designers from across the world that can create custom designs for them. Even though the best and the most economical way to find new designers is to find them on the internet and then invite them to participate in the contest, starting a contest with the right theme is crucial to its success if something unique is required then. A contest should bring out the best of the designers so that the clients keep coming back for more.

A mediocre theme with not much scope is not what clients will return to and the participants will not be able to give their best. The secret of success while holding a contest depends largely on the contest holder’s ability to motivate the designers and find a unique theme for them to work on.

Just like tattoo designers, the contest holders also carve a niche area for themselves in this field and prospective clients or even those who are interested in this art for the sake of art would love to come and have a look at what the designers have to offer them.