April 19, 2024


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Shake Them Off: Common False Impressions About People With Tattoos

So, you plan to have a tattoo. For you, it’s a great way to express yourself, and it’s a tool to convey how you feel. But then, you’re somehow hesitant to have even just a single piece of body art on your skin due to some false impressions that you might give the people around you. Well, it’s understandable. Even your loved ones might have some negative reactions. They might actually be the first ones to object. But, do you really want to “get painted”? If so, then prepare to be judged. Below are some false impressions or sort of judgments that you might probably receive once you get tattooed:

• You’re a weirdo.

Not all people would love to have pieces of art drawn on their bodies; hence the impression. This is especially true if you choose designs and colors that many don’t appreciate. If people see some “unusual things” on your body, they might quickly judge you as someone who has an equally unusual personality.

• You opt for an unconventional lifestyle.

Because people around you think you’re a weirdo and something “abnormal” is going on in your head, they might also think that you generally prefer unconventional stuff. They might think that you always go for unusual choices in life.

• You are an attention-seeker.

There’s this one person who will always have this misconception whenever he or she sees someone who acts differently or makes an unusual choice in life. He or she might think that you’re carrying those “drawings” on your body merely because you want to turn heads.

• You are an impulsive person.

Because many people believe it’s weird to have tattoos and that it will surely have negative consequences, there will be those people around you who might conclude that you made that decision without thinking. For this, it is possible for them to see you as someone who is generally impulsive; someone who doesn’t think carefully before making any move.

• You will certainly regret your decision.

As mentioned in the previous item, some people think that getting tattooed is a result of an impulse decision. And if you make decisions without thinking, you’ll probably regret it in the end. Additionally, getting tattooed is painful and you can’t just remove it if you want. So, what if you lose your appreciation for that particular piece of art on your body? There comes the thought that all tattooed people come to a point of regret.

These are just some of the misconceptions or judgments that you might hear once you get tattooed. There’s a lot more! So, yes, you need to prepare for possible judgments and just shake off any negative comments. Can you do that? If yes, then go ahead and have your first tattoo! As they say, to each his own. If you want to have a piece of body art on your skin, it should be just fine. It’s your right to do whatever you want as long as nobody suffers because of your act. Art is beautiful, and it becomes even more beautiful if it is done with no harm intended.