July 13, 2024


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What Is a Sacred/Spiritual Tattoo?

What Is a Sacred/Spiritual Tattoo?

Tattooing has been used for spiritual, healing and decorative purposes in many cultures for thousands of years. Egypt, Japan, Philippines, Samoa, Persia, New Zealand and Taiwan are just some of the ancient cultures in which tattoos were used to facilitate spiritual growth and healing. In many of these ancient cultures tattoos were used in religious ceremonies for spiritual purposes, as a medicinal treatment tool and for the purpose of showing an individuals rank and accomplishments. Tattoos have also been used for centuries as a right of passage from childhood to adulthood. It was also believed that tattoos had magical properties by many ancient cultures. As a result of this belief the tattoo and the processes involved in applying the tattoo were sacred practices and the tattoo was most often applied by Shaman and Healers of the tribe.

Even today having a tattoo permanently inked on your body is a very personal and in many cases, spiritually cleansing experience. It is a personal experience you don’t ever forget, you will always remember the place, people and processes involved in the application of the tattoo. You will remember how you felt the day you had your tattoo done, whether you were happy, sad, feeling sick or tired. You will often even recall the day of the week, month and even what the weather was like outside. You will remember the emotions attached to the tattoo and the reasons behind getting it. Perhaps a person may be getting their tattoo to represent joy or love in their life, healing, change, triumph, just for fun or even a time of anger. These emotions will be re-experienced each time you look at the tattoo. The very nature of having a tattoo applied to your body lends it self exceptionally well to emotional, spiritual, mental and even physical healing.

Even the pain of getting a tattoo is an integral part of the tattoo experience. The pain involved in receiving a tattoo is not a punishment, you are receiving it because you have chosen to receive it and in the case of a spiritual tattoo this works as an integral part of the spiritual healing process. Accepting the pain and transcending through it can strengthen a scared tattoo experience and outcome.

Without even being aware of the nuances of receiving a tattoo many people choose to get tattooed as a way of healing a painful past. A tattoo in this case being representative of triumph over a painful physical, emotional or mental incident in their life. This could be a mentally painful past, a physically painful trauma or even the passing of a loved one, or anything else that has left a painful scar either mentally, emotionally or physically on the body that the person wants to move past and heal. This being the case tattoos applied in a sacred healing environment are especially helpful in the healing from trauma that is left from mental, emotional and physical scars on the body.

A sacred tattoo environment is also often utilized by those using tattoos as a way to spiritual advancement and to reinforce their spiritual beliefs. The images chosen to be applied are spiritually meaningful and help in facilitating each persons individual spiritual expansion.

Whatever the reason for your decision to have a sacred tattoo session, each session can help facilitate life changes by giving you a beautiful permanent spiritual pictorial anchor which will serve as a positive reinforcing reminder of the growth and change you are undergoing. Whether your tattoo is to help in the healing and closure of past trauma or in facilitating joy and spiritual growth and advancement into your future.

There are spiritual healers who are also tattoo artists who now offer spiritual sacred tattoo sessions that are designed to offer the client a sacred environment to utilizing the tattoo process as a tool in which to pursue personal spiritual growth and healing. Each session involves the artist/healer and the client and is individually tailored and designed to fill the spiritual and healing needs of the client.

Each tattoo session is done in a private relaxing sacred spiritual setting. A sacred tattoo is most often done by a spiritual healer / tattoo artist and it is individually tailored for each person often a session will include the use of meditation and spiritually sacred objects.