Silhouette Art

The entire premise behind the occupy Wall Road movement, is that the facility in this nation is erratically distributed and that the highest 1{f94d5c65f521d894aa55964f87880c2b56d02bf6a608c93cc3459de0198e644f} of the population management just about every little thing have created their very own international financial system which is mostly referred to as neo liberalism. It is any such system that destroys our human rights and assaults our environment wherein we reside. Neo liberalism is one thing we can escape and is a worldwide epidemic. If you do not have a job, unless you’re disabled or one thing like that, this is most likely the rationale why. Additionally to can get any sort of respectable healthcare, meals, an honest education or you can’t pay your mortgage that is what’s going on. Neoliberalism which is mainly based on private enterprise getting ahead and and is fueled by a market-pushed strategy is destroying any chance you will have … Read More