Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Is a Musical Superhero Show

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is not the very first musical Television set show, but it may well just be the very first of its kind of musical Television set show. 

The collection stars Jane Levy as Zoey, a socially awkward laptop or computer programmer who abruptly gains the capability to listen to and see people’s thoughts via elaborate musical figures. It is a electrical power that not only will allow her to connect with other people in a way she never could right before, but also will allow her to support these people in ways she never could right before. Creator Austin Winsberg likens Zoey to a superhero, so that freaky MRI that gave her these powers is mainly The Flash‘s lightning strike.

“One of the philosophies of the show is that it truly is kind of a superhero show, and if you glance at it that way, then period

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