Vladimir Kush Presents his New Release ‘In a Web of Bliss’

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updated: Mar 30, 2020 09:00 HST

Vladimir Kush and Kush High-quality Artwork current his new release: “In a Net of Bliss” Authentic Oil on Canvas (12” x 16”) & Confined Version on Metallic (eleven.25” x 15”) Version a hundred.

We are all applied to the impression of a spider lying in wait for the up coming sufferer somewhere in the corner of his community-world-wide-web. Imagine now a mellow sated one particular, much more very likely to be nodding off in a blissful repose than partaking in the drama of hunting for the flies: appear at him making the most of the sunset, placing his ft up comfortably in a hammock of a world-wide-web about which he toiled for the duration of the working day – an idyll! Evaluate this portray to an earlier get the job done by the artist –

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